Auxiliary services

Providing the services related to the transportation of cargoes Transoil:

  • prepares and submits to Russian Railways GU-12 applications for freight transportation;
  • supports commercial and technical inspection of rail cars, registers and submits the Certificate of Technical Condition of Rail Cars for Hazardous Cargo Transportation to the carrier;
  • performs placement and removal of rail cars to/from non-public railway tracks to loading places.


  • putting of necessary danger signs and UN numbers on rail cars in compliance with the Regulations concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods;
  • installation of locking and sealing devices on rail cars;
  • cargo protection on non-public railway tracks;
  • certification of loading the cargo from the main trunk pipeline system to railway transport at the point of loading;
  • sorting out carriage documents by rail with provision of respective copies to cargo owners;
  • delivering loaded rail cars to the carrier;
  • availability of the Declaration for Multimodal Transportation of Dangerous Goods and sorting out of a respective set of documents meeting the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code when the cargo is transported by both railway and water transport.
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