Social responsibility

Transoil interprets corporate social responsibility (CSR) as responsible business practices combined with voluntary participation in the development of social infrastructure. We strive to ensure that our contribution to sustainable development is long-lasting, coherent, and clearly explained to the public. Our responsible approach to our role as a taxpayer, our investment in the modernization of our fleet and our infrastructure, our job creation program, our adherence to environmental and industrial safety standards, our commitment to helping our staff develop their professional skills, our social support programs for our employees, and our charitable activities are all evidence of Transoil’s commitment to social responsibility. Transoil’s CSR policy is founded on the Group’s core values and its mission. The Company’s CSR management system is structured in accordance with current international standards.

The best taxpayer

Transoil has been thanked by the Government of St. Petersburg on a number of occasions for its conscientious approach towards its responsibilities to the state and for its successful cooperation with the government. The Company’s actions in this regard help to improve the partnership between regulatory authorities and taxpayers and to increase the transparency and trust in this relationship. This partnership has a positive effect on the establishment of a tax culture and the timely payment of taxes to the state. From 2008 to 2010, Transoil was awarded ‘Best Taxpayer in St. Petersburg’ certificates. The contributions that the Company has made to the city budget have helped to finance St. Petersburg‘s social welfare programs, restore architectural monuments and building facades, and develop public infrastructure and utility networks.

Charitable activities

Transoil considers charity to be one of mankind’s most important humanitarian values, and sees charitable activities as a genuine opportunity to help real people in need of assistance. Corporate charitable giving is a voluntary activity undertaken by the Company and its employees, structured around a group of programs covering the restoration of spiritual and cultural monuments, projects to support developments in modern medical technology, cultural initiatives, and help for orphans and children deprived of parental care.

This includes the Family and Home program, which is operated by Gennady Timchenko’s charitable foundation Klyuch, and is aimed at helping orphans to reach their full potential by placing them in professional foster homes. The model for the program to help orphaned children to adapt is being tested at three sites comprising purpose-built cottages, which have been constructed by the Foundation in the Leningrad, Ryazan, and Tambov Regions. There is a sports support program which focuses on the development of children’s ice hockey.

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