Mission, values and goals

Here at Transoil we feel that our mission is to be at the forefront of transport and logistics solutions, comprehensively meeting our customers’ needs and assisting in the development of the transport services market and the reform of the transport sector.

Our employees are guided by the following values:

The high quality and reliability of Transoil’s services are based on professionalism, strict maintenance procedures and modern management standards.
Transoil strives for the best results while providing leadership of our clients.
Long-term sustainable development can only be achieved through a carefully managed relationship with the environment, social responsibility, and developing our staff.
Transoil’s employees act with integrity in their relationships with colleagues, clients, partners, and suppliers. At Transoil, we supply reliable information and keep our promises.
Transoil’s employees share information, delegate authority, expect mutual responsibility, and respect the rights and interests of staff and business partners.

Strategic goals:

  • The dynamic development of a transport and logistics group with its own rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Improving the efficiency of our business model and preserving our leading position in the rail freight market
  • Stable growth in freight volumes and an extension of the range of goods carried
  • Expansion of our geographical presence and development of new potential routes
  • The adoption of innovative technology and development of sector-specific know-how in order to increase efficiency
  • Developing and maintaining high-level, sector-specific expertise, reliability, and superior service
  • Setting the best standards for corporate governance and corporate social responsibility
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