Career in Transoil

Dear applicant!

On this page you will find the job vacancies of our Company, but first let us say a few words about the team in Transoil. The staff of the Group accounts for more than 1,200 professionals in various fields, who work in the head office of Transoil in St. Petersburg, ten branches across the country, Moscow office, and four subsidiaries. Coordinated work of this team ensures the position of a leading Russian rolling stock operator and the stable leadership in the segment of transportation of oil and petroleum products. Professionals come to the Company to different positions, but all of them are united by the one key task. To hear the client, accurately identify its business needs, provide and constantly improve the service, increasing the client confidence in the work of Transoil. Thus, the nature of the business of the Company determines the value of employees as the most valuable asset of Transoil.

That is why the Company is focusing particularly on the implementation of an employee benefits policy, which has been designed with best market practices in this area in mind. The employee benefits package was created on the basis of the best practices of leading Russian employers, oil companies and freight rail companies. The Company ensures that wages are paid on time, provides opportunities for professional and career growth, and offers employee benefits. Working with us you will get an opportunity to take part in interesting and challenging projects, develop new technologies, grow professionally and expand your competence.

In the HR area Transoil sees the priority in:

  • the creation of job climate based on the openness, mutual respect and cooperation;
  • the development of the employees motivation system, allowing each employee to rely on career progress and remuneration corresponding to his professional level and contribution to the Company’s business;
  • the improvement of the programs of social protection of employees;
  • the providing employees with opportunities for training and professional development.

One of the most important strategic goals of Transoil os the development of the Company as a prestigious employer, consisting of a cohesive team of like-minded professionals and encouraging the development of new ideas and technologies.